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Got Property ? You need a Photographer

In todays market, digital is the media of choice and time is essential in getting your message across. Recent data suggests that you have between 5 and 10 seconds to catch and hold a visitor to your site. To hold their interest you need images with impact.

If you market property, or property related services , the final product you are putting out there to represent you, should match your vision & message. Property photography is as much an art form as wedding photography and portraiture. When you want the best portraits, you go to someone that specializes in them. Your property photos should be no different. If it just takes one picture to generate a lead, then why not maximize your potential with the best images you can get.


Las Vegas Commercial Property Photographer

Since 1999

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Hotels, motels, casinos, restaurants, night clubs, shopping malls, government facilities, single & multi-family properties, industrial and commercial facilities, and yes, even one adult bookstore/arcade. After nearly two decades behind the lens here in the valley, there are probably no property types I have not shot at least once. So if you are looking to make a change, give me a call. At a minimum I can guarantee you a high-quality product at a reasonable price.


Just looking for some pretty pics? We got a few of those too.....

On the Road

Having covered a good chunk of the entire Western US over the past decade, you will never know where we are visiting without a quick trip in to see.

Vistas & Views

Hot springs to glaciers, and maybe a canyon or river, an ever changing display. Got a sec, check it out

Around Sin City

Glass and concrete, lights and action - spend enough time on 'The Strip', you will see just about everything at least once.



Fly the Friendly Skies of Sin City

Phanton Drone

Join me in the new world of recreational UAV flying. Don't forget to stop by The Hangar to check out the new content.

Mark 'Xtlman' Dunton
North Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Phone: 702.308.0607