An ever changing gallery of people, places and things that happened to get in the way of the lens. If you are a photographer, how many times have you heard that if you are shooting an iconic location that has been done before, it has to be from a different perspective or it has to be classic and perfect. Nope, nope...........just has to sell.

Vistas & Views - Scenery from around the United States

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When you are looking for scenery to shoot, do not overlook the city. Sunrises and sunsets in the Las Vegas valley can be spectacular. This one is over Cashman field on an early April morning.

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And don't forget to step back and get the whole city. Vegas and the lights is an amazing view as the Golden Hour settles in.

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If you subscribe to the theory that Yellowstone is going to go up in a big POOF, you should at least get there and check it out before the mass extinction. This is a summer afternoon at the Lower Geyser Basin.

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One thing you notice when you travel FROM the desert, is the obscene amount of water that other states have. Up in the Great White North (Montana) lies the Ryan dam. A view of the down-stream side of the dam at low pool.

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Dropping down into Wyoming again you come across the Grand Tetons towering over the river valley.

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Sliding a bit further east and south, for those of you Close Encounters fans - Devils Tower. Was actually shorter and squattier than what I had envisioned after watching the movie a hundred or so times.

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I can say nothing other than WE love Arizona, and the last decade of running around partaking of the amazing scenery has us spoiled. For me, this is the second most iconic location in Northern Arizona. Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River below Page. The hike in is downhill...beware the hike out.

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And then there is Monument Valley during a summer rainstorm. While Moab might be our favorite place as a base of operations, this place is truly magical.


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