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The iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, prior to the recent LED conversion. A lasting memory of the original sign at sunset, on an hot August evening.

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The not-so-iconic Welcome to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas sign, which used to be located just north of the Stratosphere on The Boulevard. Thanks to a drunk driver and an out-of-control pickup truck, this sign is no longer, and will probably not be replaced.

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Parrotheads of the world - UNITE. Most of the time, us locals avoid 'The Strip' like 'The Plague', but once in a while dinner with a theme can be a nice change. Music is good, food is palatable, but don't miss the scantily clad gal sliding into the large 'Rita glass. Boys will be boys.

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For being in the middle of the desert, one thing 'The Stip' dislpays in abundance is fountains and water. The most famous fountain on 'The Stip' would be at the Bellagio.

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Speaking of fountains, Caesars Palace has a very classic triple fountain with statue.

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Enough fountains yet? Well how about the dolphin pool at the entrance to The Mirage. And to the right, more water with an erupting volcano.

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Heading north from 'The Stip' you come to the Fremont District. Inside of the Fremont Street Experience is Neonopolis. If you like color, then the wavy neon light breezway should be on your list of stops.

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True to the old school nature of the area, the Fremont East District retains the historic neon signs, with their color and vibrance.


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