An ever changing gallery of people, places and things that happened to get in the way of the lens. From Going To The Sun Road in the north to Route 66 in the south and all points in-between, there might be a theme (random is a theme)......

On the Road - From the Pacific Northwest to The Lone Star State

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While Vegas might have hotels and fountains and night clubs, the one thing you will not see on 'The Strip' is the Worlds Largest Slot machine. And it is not in a casino, but in the parking lot of The Gamblers General Store.

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Yes, it is a crab made from a Buick. Utah has some interesting quirks, one being sculptures that adorn the publc park in downtown St. George.

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Not wanting to overstate the idiosyncrasies of those that live and play in the Beehive State, but then we head a bit further east and come to Moab. Parked outside a quaint little stop known as Hole In The Rock, I caught this jeep in the parking lot.

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Heading out of Utah at the northernmost border with Arizona you come to the sleepy little bourough of Mexican Hat. We stopped for lunch, no A/C, and they served fly-swatters with the water. This was several years ago so maybe things have changed a bit.

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Heading south through Monument Valley towards I40, you come within a stone's throw of Meteor Crater. Here you will find an actual Astronaut Wall of Fame, and a big-ass crater (see Vistas & Views).

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A quick trip east on I40 from Meteor Crater puts you Standing on the Corner in Winslow, Arizona. Whether you are a fan of the Eagles or not, this is the epitome of Americana.

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Arizona has an amazing history of mining which supported the manufacturing growth of the US. Jerome is an old mining town, and since there was no PG&E to hook your equipment up to, if you needed power you needed a generator. And Big Bertha is about the largest I have seen.

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If you made it south enough to Jerome, you might as well head further south and check out The Earp Brothers, The Clanton's and the OK Corral in Tombstone.


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