The Hangar

Welcome to all UAV pilots. There are a myriad of websites out there with UAV/drone information dealing with the new FAA regs, autonomous flying, apps, videography, but not alot about taking pictures. And with drone cameras now producing images on the order of 12+ MP, there is no reason to not be able to take quality images day or night.

As UAV pilots we have a responsibility to fly our crafts safely. Regulations abound, and both the US and UK have recently enacted laws governing UAV operations to protect the public safety and the safety of the NAS (National Air Space). In addition, individual states and municipalities have enacted their own regulations governing UAVs. We need to be informed when and where we fly, as ignorance of the law is not a defense in this day and age of apps and maps. And where regulations overlap, the most stringent regulations are applied.

Lastly, here in the US, whether you intend to fly recreationally or commercially you MUST register your craft with the FAA. The recreational registration is $5 at the FAA website, or you can pay up to $30 to have a third party do it. If you can check four boxes and type your name and address in the spaces provided, you can handle the FAA website. You get a pretty little cert with an FAA number to go with it. That number is then written on your craft. So have fun, happy flying and may all your pictures be amazing.

UAV Regs

Know the Regs

From the US to the UK, rules and regulations governing safe flight are being enacted. Stay informed.

UAV Craft

Know Your Craft

They might all have 4 rotors and a radio controller but not all drones fly the same. Be familiar with your bird.

UAV Equipment

Know Your Equipment

Controllers, cameras, Android/iOS devices, the combinations are endless. Experience is the key.