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Las Vegas Commercial Property and Fine Art Landscape & Nature Photographer

Welcome to the home of Images by Xtlman. A local Las Vegas photographer and digital artist with over 20 years experience behind the lens of a Nikon and 10+ years expressing creativity via Photoshop bringing artistic visions to life. Since landing in the desert Southwest in 1999, I have had the opportunity to photograph thousands of commercial properties from Utah to Arizona for digital and print media; logo design and digital artwork for marketing and public information campaigns; and production of in-house studio work consisting of custom still-life images and composite photography of a unique nature.

Mark 'Xtlman' Dunton

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And the benefit to you is?
Quality work, proven track record, and a toolbox full of skills that can keep a project from going south.

I started my career 13 stories above the flight deck of a US Aircraft Carrier filimng black and white video of flight operations in 1975. Following a short hiatus for life (child and undergraduate degree), my photography was centered around documentation of field geology conditions for engineering purposes in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. From there, forensic photography of construction defects and disaster damage was the next logical progression, which brought me to Arizona-Nevada in the early 2000's. Aside from due diligence property condition photography for commercial property transactions, I have served a stint as a commencement exercies photographer during the "Great Recession", photographed a few select theme weddings, some mixed-media photojournalistic work documenting special events and visits to Sin City, and now am turning my sights to aerial imagery.

Bottom line - You have a project. You want to make one call and have it taken care of, beginning to end. And you want a quality deliverable - On Time (or preferably yesterday - I know the R.E. market). Give me a jingle, I have the tools and skills to make your project happen.



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Fly the Friendly Skies of Sin City

Phanton Drone

Join me in the new world of recreational UAV flying. Don't forget to stop by The Hangar to check out the new content.

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